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Projet Rinconada de Pucón.
Le projet est situé sur 720 hectares de forêt et de montagnes, à 64 km du col de Tromen et à 39 km du centre de Pucón. Dans la vallée de Huililco, ce tracé

Precio UF 215
Precio Pesos 6.250.000
Precio UF/Mt2 0,04
Tamaño 5.000 Mt2
Fecha de Ingreso 18 de Noviembre del 2020

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Antu Bensoni

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Rinconada de Pucón project.
The project is located on 720 hectares of forest and mountains, located 64 km from the Tromen Pass and 39 km from the center of Pucón. In the Huililco Valley, this plotting of 5000 Mtrs is undertaken with a landscape and an environment that invites us to dream and project in the future, surrounded by mountain rivers, lush native vegetation, flora, fauna and a development designed in caring for the environment and sustainability to grow but not forgetting future generations. In addition to the wonderful panoramic views that land on the slopes of the Quetrupillán and Lanín volcanoes, and borders the Villarrica National Park.
Among its characteristics, several important things stand out.
- Single role for each plot.
- Exclusive plots
- Electric light
- Deep Well Water
- Common Sectors
- Simple Roadway
- Walking trails
- Reservoirs
- Viewpoints
- Private park of between 50 and 100 hectares that will remain in reserve.
- Possibility of finding hot springs and developing an internal ski center.
- Great Goodwill.
The Flora and Fauna that is found is so varied that it surprises us day by day as its biodiversity makes this place the perfect destination to take advantage of the time in a pleasant and relaxing way, ideal for adventure tourism since you will find the most beautiful postcards what can you imagine
Flora: Araucaria Araucana, Lengas, Mañío of long leaves, Coihue among others.
Fauna: Includes species of marsupials such as the mountain monkey and other mammals such as pumas and foxes. Waterfowl such as the huala, the common tagua, the royal duck and the cornerbird also inhabit the park. Among the most frequent raptors are the eaglet, the eagle, the peuco and the peregrine falcon. In addition to corners and hares among so many species.

Excellent investment opportunity with financing from the developer,
Being in the launch stage the marketing values ​​are below the market value



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